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  • laboratorioIn 2007, the Cognitive & Social Neuroscience Laboratory opened its doors at the Psychology Department at Diego Portales University, in order to begin with an ambitious research program in Neuroscience. From then, during the past 9 years, the Laboratory produced several highly-productive research projects, whose impact was both national and international. In 2016, with the incorporation of a new team of scientists, the Laboratory was re-engineered from tip-to-toe. The new team came from a multidisciplinary background forged at prestigious international institutions in the United States and Europe. As a result of the recent reorganization, the Cognitive & Social Neuroscience Laboratory expands its focus on Social Cognition research to include relevant topics such as Affective Neuroscience, Clinical Neuropsychology, Perception and Action studies, among others.

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    In the last 30 years, Neuroscience has accomplished important progress in understanding of the neural basis of basic psychological processes such as perception, attention, memory, learning and decision-making. Likewise, Neuroscience has offered valuable information to understand the etiology and treatment of psychopathology such as depression or psychosis. Although Cognitive Neuroscience has reached certain maturity, the neuroscientific study of the social aspects of the human mind is still in its infancy. Little is known about the neural basis of the social processes that have been pivotal in our species’ evolutionary development, such as empathy, altruism, or the interpersonal regulation of affect. Therefore, through the Cognitive & Social Neuroscience Laboratory, the Psychology Department at Universidad Diego Portales seeks to continue and improve both undergraduate and graduate programs through solid, multidisciplinary research programs.

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    Septiembre, 2016

    Professors Salas, Parada y Rossi

    Farewell Sebastián Contreras:
    Our former Masters program Director and colaborador Sebastián Contreras flies to United Kingdom to work on his Ph.D. at Oxford University.
    27 de Septiembre, 2016

    Nuestro colaborador Sebastián Contreras junto a los profesores Parada, Rossi y Salas.

    Psicofonda 2016:
    Celebration of the Chilean Independence Day at the Psychology Department of Psychology

    September 2016

    Los Profesores Alemka Tomicic, Alejandra Rossi, Christian Salas y Francisco Parada

    Professors Alemka Tomicic, Alejandra Rossi, Christian Salas and Francisco Parada

    Los Profesores Christian Salas y Claudio Martinez

    Professors Christian Salas and Claudio Martinez

    Los Profesores Christian Salas, Francisco Parada y Claudio Martinez

    Professors Christian Salas, Francisco Parada and Claudio Martinez